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  • Business Intelligence

    Front Runner provides business intelligence solutions and insights specific to your company.  Front Runner allows you to integrate with your system to provide revenue projections and forecasting specific to your i502 company along with real time up to date statewide aggregate data.

  • Scouting your competition

    Front Runner allows processors to see what products every other processor has sold to each retailer, how much they sold and how much they sold it for.  Retailers can see what every other retailer in Washington has purchased, how much they bought it for wholesale and how much they sold it for retail.

  • Industry insights

    Front Runner implements user friendly charts and graphs that allow the subscriber to see the current retail and wholesale prices for flower, edibles, and concentrates broken down by city, county and state. While also allowing the user to see the most common sizes and types of products purchased by consumers.

What We Do

Business Intelligence

Front Runner compiles information from multiple sources and transforms the raw data into a meaningful and useful platform.  The operational insights found in Front Runner is imperative to make effective tactical and strategic decisions.

  • Amount of weight every processor sold and to whom
  • The wholesale pricing for each processor
  • Amount spent by customers at the retail level
  • How many customers are purchasing recreational marijuana every day
  • What each processor sold
  • What retailers have paid every processor


The lack of planning is the reason often given for the failure of many businesses.  Our forecasting tools allow you to use your resources where they’re most needed, so you can control the profits of your business, instead of the lack of profits controlling you.


Market Intelligence 

In order for your business to succeed you need to know what is going on in the market.  i502 companies that integrate with the Front Runner system will be able to receive up real time wholesale and retail price averages.  By subscribing to Front Runner you will know what products are being bought and sold for today, along with how many customers are purchasing products and how much they are spending.


Company Specific Data

Processors need to know how many customers are buying their products at the retail level and how much they are paying.  Retailers need to know what products are making them the most money.  Front Runner provides specific data and insights for each subscriber in order to increase your profits.


Coming Soon

From the time that Front Runner launched as Tetratrak back in early 2015 we have prided ourselves in constantly updating and adding new information.  That desire to constantly get better has not stopped.  We are already working on the next great business tools to help you make more money.  This is just a few of the products we will be launching in over the next few months.

  • Free i502 and recreational marijuana scoreboard
  • CRM
  • QuickBooks and POS integration
  • Social Media and email analytics

What You Get

Business Intelligence

A business intelligence solution with market intelligence, competitive analysis and sales forecasting to help i502 companies successfully grow their businesses.

User Friendly Layout

New and improved layout with analysis and key insights to guide you in your strategic business decisions

The numbers tell a story

An application built with high quality data visualizations that quickly tell you the story of what is happening in the market and how it impacts your business.


Up-to-date analysis on your company, available only for you, giving you the intelligence that separates your business from the crowd.

Company specific

Revenue, volume and customer forecasting for your company and the market that allow you to plan for the growth of your business.

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